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Announcement Statement

The International Mass Spectrometry Society and the National Organising Committee of the 17th International Mass Spectrometry Conference will present the 2006 Thomson Medals at the 17th International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Prague, August 27 - September 1, 2006.

Awards will be made to three individuals for outstanding achievements in mass spectrometry and for distinguished service to international mass spectrometry.

Previous Winners

  • 2003: R. B. Caprioli, F. Hillenkamp, V. L. Talroze
  • 2000: J. B. Fenn, D. F. Hunt, A. G. Marshall
  • 1997: M. T. Bowers, D. E. Games, J. F. J. Todd
  • 1994: C. Brunnée, C. Djerassi, H. Schwarz
  • 1991: K. Biemann, H. Matsuda, N. M. M. Nibbering
  • 1985: J. H. Beynon, R. G. Cooks, K. R. Jennings, F. W. McLafferty, A. O. C. Nier

Voting Procedure Details

  • Nominations are to be made only by members of the Governing Committee of the IMSS.
  • Each Governing Committee representative may make up to three nominations. These should be confined to a single page statement of the principal achievements of the nominee.
  • The criterion for the award will be: “For outstanding achievements in mass spectrometry and for distinguished service to international mass spectrometry” [the words “for service to international mass spectrometry” are inscribed on the medal].
  • A preliminary vote will be held to select the top 9 candidates; voting will be by members of the IMSS Governing Committee using the Hare system (5,4,3,2,1).
  • The sponsors of the top 9 candidates (if more than a single sponsor then a single sponsor will be agreed to by the individual sponsors) will each submit additional information on the achievements of the candidates limited to no more than 5 pages. This material may include up to two letters which are for information only, and should not be seen as a form of endorsement.
  • A second vote of the Governing Committee, using exactly the same system, will be used to order the candidates and select the top three.
  • These three individuals will be advised of their selection so that they can arrange to attend the Prague meeting but no travel expenses will be provided.