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Supporting Bodies

To cover expenses with their participation in 17th IMSC, students and young scientists are encouraged to ask for financial support e.g. the following bodies:

Protocol for Applications of a Travel Grant
for Students Attending the 17th IMSC in Prague

  1. The IMSS makes a budget of 16000 EUR available to students as travel grants for the 17th IMSC in Prague.
  2. Students must be a member of the IMSS or a member of one of the affiliated IMSS societies.
  3. Applications must include evidence of student status and must present evidence that a contribution to the 17th IMSC as a scientific paper or poster is submitted.
  4. Grants will be adjusted by the IMSS with a factor for the standard of living in the student’s domestic country and with the distance from that country to the 17th IMSC in Prague.
  5. The economic factor for the standard of living and the distance will be determined by the IMSS based on accessible public data.
  6. The minimum grant amounts to 100 EUR, the maximum to 1000 EUR with the restriction that the travel grant never will exceed the actual travel costs.
  7. In the event that the total amount of valid applications to the travel grants exceeds the IMSS budget, the IMSS will assign the grants by lot until the total budget is consumed.
  8. The closing date for all applications is May 1st 2006 and students will be notified of the amount of their travel grant by June 1st 2006.
  9. Payment of the travel grant will be made at the 17th IMSC following presentation of the student’s registration at the 17th IMSC, proof of actual travel expenses and a legal identification paper, when requested.
  10. The IMSS will not correspond on their decisions for awarding a travel grant or the amount granted.

> Download the IMSS Travel Award Application Form (PDF, 65 kB)

Note about EU funding

We regret to inform you that European Commission has rejected our proposal (Marie Curie Large Conferences) for funding foreign young scientists to support their presence on our conference.